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Press This Bookmarklet — Blog —

Posted by Mitch on 19 March 2010

Press This Bookmarklet — Blog —

Followers of my blog (and right now I don’t think even my MOM is a follower) might notice that I don’t post very regularly…  It’s always seemed hard.  I don’t like the interface for WordPress…  but I might have just found a solution – the Press This bookmarklet!

The “Press This” bookmarklet is a bookmark that sits in your favorite or on a bar of your browser.  When you see something you want to write about it pops up a window (instead of taking you to a new page like other bookmarks) and you can type, categorize, tag, and either save a draft or publish!  It’s fast and easy.  Check out the link at the top for WordPress’s own page on how to use “Press This”


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Different Posts for Different Folks – Beyond Just Being Consistent | The Smart Passive Income Blog

Posted by Mitch on 1 February 2010

Different Posts for Different Folks – Beyond Just Being Consistent | The Smart Passive Income Blog.

I was going to do up my own post for how I picked my categories for blogging and then I realized I stole pretty much the whole scheme straight from Pat at  So instead of typing up the whole thing myself I thought I’d do better to introduce you to Pat and invite you to go check out his blog.

Pat is almost a one of a kind (I hope to follow in his footsteps someday – otherwise he would be the only one of his kind) – He makes money online and tells you how he does it …  not vaguely or talking around it.  He lays it all out there for you and then monthly does a roll up to tell you exactly, to the penny, how much money each of his online endeavors has made him – it is awe inspiring!

Please check out his blog and leave him a comment if you enjoy it (and then come back here and tell me what you thought!)


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