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The Adventure Begins

Posted by Mitch on 5 May 2011

The Trip Begins

I am super excited! (and a little nervous) I’m on my way to Italy for a (much deserved) three week romp. I’m NOT going on vacation, I’m traveling and seeking adventure! So… how exactly am I doing that? First the plan is to have no plan. I’ve got a round trip ticket into and out of Rome (5-25 May) and I’m bringing a backpack with a change of clothes (and several pairs of undergarments), a passport, and my ID… that’s it (I’ll link to the packing list here) I don’t even have hotel/hostel reservations for my first night or even a solid plan for what I want to see first! In addition to that I’ve got two rules: 1) Don’t say no to opportunities. 2) Don’t feel like I have to see everything – I will be back. And that’s it. If I bump into a group of people who seem cool and are heading to Sweden all I get to say is “Me too!”

ok… I guess there is a third – stay/think positive. I’m going to do my best to put out positive vibes to the universe and just expect that good things are going to happen to me. (any good thoughts or prayers you all want to send out for me will be greatly appreciated!)


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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Posted by Mitch on 20 March 2010

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

via the impossible cool..

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My first 15 minutes of Fame

Posted by Mitch on 22 October 2009

No, I haven’t saved the world. No, I haven’t found a cure for cancer. No, I haven’t even helped a little old lady across the street.

I bought trousers.

But not just any trousers.

Welcome Bonobos.

The Article

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