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A New Direction?

Posted by Mitch on 10 November 2010

When I first started this BLOG I had such high hopes that I’d write stories that people would enjoy reading. Stories about my plans or actual trips locally and around the world. Stories about entrepreneur ship and passive income. How-Tos on finance and budgeting and, maybe, even plans for the Zombie Apocalypse… As you can see, I’ve failed miserably… yet I refuse to delete this blog like I’ve done in the past. I keep coming back. I hold out hope that I’ll write a real post that has some nugget of value to cyberspace and is complete from start to finish… and then a second… Time will tell. For now I think I’m going to expand the concept for this BLOG… I’ll focus more on the Errant part and less on Adventures (but I still want to do some adventures!). Lets wander. Like many people I work better when I’m answering a question. I would LOVE a comment or question that would give me a place to start. Personnel, Professional, Random, Deep, Shallow… I don’t care, ask or make some strong comment I can agree or disagree with and you’ll be the best friend of the day!


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The Ren Men Show

Posted by Mitch on 25 April 2010

The Ren Men Show.

Watch, Learn, Leave a comment saying “Mitch Sent Me!”  (yes…  I’m trying to win a competition!)

The elevator speech I did for the Ren Men Show:

The Ren Men Show is a weekly video BLOG documenting the efforts of two friends in Lifestyle Design, which is “Making Life Work – NOT Working for Life”. The key component for them is Passive Income; money that comes in day after day with little or no recurring work done by them. They use a “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach with Rental Real Estate, Vending Machines, Commercial Real Estate, and many other “Income Streams” to fuel their ideal lifestyle. In their show they urge you to “Get Off The Bench!” by showing you what AND how they do what they do (or not to do as the case may be). If you’ve read “The Four Hour Work Week”, any of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad books, or anything by Donald Trump then The Ren Men Show is definitely something you need to check out.

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Blogging…. It’s harder than it looks

Posted by Mitch on 8 October 2009

So really…  Blogging should be easy, right?  I mean you have a thought and you sit down and expand on it a little.  Maybe add a picture or two and BAM!  millions of people want to read what you write… maybe even pay you for the privilege or pass some other writing gig your way…

Well… if I actually had anyone following this Blog it might make me more likely write more…  but I’ve actually had more luck generating discussion using my Facebook status updates.  Blog sites seem to need a wealth of stories and articles waiting for a first time visiter – and frankly its hard to come up with things to write about when you are stuck in one place in Iraq!

An idea…  I don’t have to write about CURRENT travels… I can build up my writing skills by retroactively blogging my past travels!  Interesting…  The obvious choice is my R&R trip back in July 2009…  Stay tuned!

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How can I afford to live on the road? (a real question not an answer)

Posted by Mitch on 25 August 2009

Excuses #1: Jobs & Career « Tales from Technomadia: “There are many career paths that are traditionally travel friendly – such as artists, musicians, working at festivals, workamping exchanging hosting duties at campground for accommodations and/or pay, migrant workers, contract nursing, journalism, photographers, traveling sales/repair, crafters, picking up temp jobs, online professors, conference speaking/training, authors, designers, etc.” — Technomadia

Artist, Musician, Migrant work, sales, and temp jobs do not appeal at all… Working festivals sounds interesting, Workamping would be easy, Journalism or Photography would be a stretch for my current skill set (but appealing)… Online Professor – this has serious possibilities!

I absolutely love festivals… But what kind of work could I do at one? Virginia could set up a massage table and rake in the dough, but what skill or product could I provide? Wi-Fi? a mobile hotspot and internet cafe? This would be useful at many festivals… Crafts would be interesting but take up a lot of space and time and resources… a Hotspot is something I’ll be able to provide anyway… I’d just need the bandwidth! This could also easily work with the workamping part… shoot, set it up with a good automated credit card process and it will work and make me money anywhere with no effort!

Journalism/Photography. Well, that great American Novel sure isn’t going to write its self and put my name on it! Journalism would be a good way to hone my writing skills and photography would help that… Photography could be done at festivals… a booth, wander around bothering people, contract photography to document the festival… Blogging is obviously possible though of limited income potential right now.

Online professor. This seems like the most legitimate source of continuous income to support the lifestyle. Hotspot service would be a natural off shoot as I’d need internet connectivity. Journalism could be a sideline (just like every other professor). So what do you teach online? History? Finance? Game Theory? Econ?

A couple of links off the Technomadia site that could be useful in finding ACTUAL work rather than just theories:

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