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A New Direction?

Posted by Mitch on 10 November 2010

When I first started this BLOG I had such high hopes that I’d write stories that people would enjoy reading. Stories about my plans or actual trips locally and around the world. Stories about entrepreneur ship and passive income. How-Tos on finance and budgeting and, maybe, even plans for the Zombie Apocalypse… As you can see, I’ve failed miserably… yet I refuse to delete this blog like I’ve done in the past. I keep coming back. I hold out hope that I’ll write a real post that has some nugget of value to cyberspace and is complete from start to finish… and then a second… Time will tell. For now I think I’m going to expand the concept for this BLOG… I’ll focus more on the Errant part and less on Adventures (but I still want to do some adventures!). Lets wander. Like many people I work better when I’m answering a question. I would LOVE a comment or question that would give me a place to start. Personnel, Professional, Random, Deep, Shallow… I don’t care, ask or make some strong comment I can agree or disagree with and you’ll be the best friend of the day!


2 Responses to “A New Direction?”

  1. Cedar said

    So many things I could say, but would rather argue in person.

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