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“The Menaissance” by Brett McKay – Ignite Tulsa

Posted by Mitch on 19 March 2010

YouTube – “The Menaissance” by Brett McKay – Ignite Tulsa.

I’m often called a metrosexual…  and I never really liked it.  It implied that all I cared about was my own looks…  Now I do believe that a man (anyone for that matter) should take some measure of pride in style but not to the point of dandyism.   My other problem with metrosexual is a thinly veiled homosexual connotation which doesn’t fit my self image.  The new term which seems to fit much better?  Retrosexual.  Go back to our Grandfathers time of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and you find men who took pride in their appearance, were unafraid to be masculine, believed in honesty and fairness, and; when necessary; were ready to kick Nazi ass…  I like it.


One Response to ““The Menaissance” by Brett McKay – Ignite Tulsa”

  1. Mitch said


    …Men with hardihood and resolve and refinement.

    men with substance and a masculine energy that inspire confidence in others.

    excessive luxury makes men weak and soft because it makes them passive.

    Hardwork and Thrift are back in style

    dress sharp and bring back handsome

    …showcase the masculine ruggedness that we admire. Men who aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty.

    The menaissance is about going back to the past, that heritage of manliness, and taking what is the best from it and recognizing that there are somethings that we should leave in the dust bin of history (Sexism, Homophobia, and Racism) and just embrace what is good about being a man. In short the menaissance is really about men holding themselves to a higher standard and becoming the best, most well rounded man they can be.

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