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I’m getting traffic!

Posted by Mitch on 1 February 2010

Hello everyone,

This is just a quick note.  First, I’d like to appologize to everyone who has taken the time to come check out my blog and found one half finished entry and a couple of random thoughts.  Have no fear more is on the way, but as I’ve said before… blogging is harder than it looks!

Now, what is interesting is that by simply following other peoples blogs and commenting I’ve started driving people to my blog!  over the last few days I’ve had between 5-10 people take the time to stop by and check out my blog!  Could you imagine how fast it would snowball if I had a real amount of content to read?

Please leave me a comment if you read this…  just a “hi” will really make my day!




2 Responses to “I’m getting traffic!”

  1. hotelivory said

    Hi there! Found your blog via your comment on the Ren Men show. And yes, I know the feeling of getting traffic. I started blogging three weeks ago and the last five days I hade over ten visitors per day – before that I mostly had visits from a friend who is kind enough to have my blog as start page.

    A question: How has your e-store been doing since you opened it?


    • Mitch said

      I think I’d probably be able to get more traffic if I was any kind of regular in posting AND posted stuff that was actually interesting 🙂

      The eStore has been a complete failure so far… But this might have a lot to do with the fact that soon after it being complete I managed to destroy the admin login and thus haven’t been able to do anything with it… You don’t happen to be a Zen Cart expert do you? 🙂

      Your blog seems pretty interesting! Real Estate is my real passion (and I’m about as good with RE as I am with my eStore) so I look forward to getting a little more in depth with your blog. Maybe Africa is where I need to go to conduct business!

      Thanks for the comment!


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