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Blogging…. It’s harder than it looks

Posted by Mitch on 8 October 2009

So really…  Blogging should be easy, right?  I mean you have a thought and you sit down and expand on it a little.  Maybe add a picture or two and BAM!  millions of people want to read what you write… maybe even pay you for the privilege or pass some other writing gig your way…

Well… if I actually had anyone following this Blog it might make me more likely write more…  but I’ve actually had more luck generating discussion using my Facebook status updates.  Blog sites seem to need a wealth of stories and articles waiting for a first time visiter – and frankly its hard to come up with things to write about when you are stuck in one place in Iraq!

An idea…  I don’t have to write about CURRENT travels… I can build up my writing skills by retroactively blogging my past travels!  Interesting…  The obvious choice is my R&R trip back in July 2009…  Stay tuned!


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